Our vineyards
Nuestros viñedos

Our vineyards

Our plots were planted at different times. The oldest are more than a century old and date from the first replantings after the phylloxera outbreak.

  • Our vineyards
Our vineyards

The Terroir

When land and nature join forces in favour of excellence.

The Conde de los Andes vineyard is located on the banks of the Ebro and below the cliffs of the Toloño mountain range, between the municipalities of Briñas and Haro (La Rioja) and Labastida (Rioja Alavesa).

Because of their uniqueness and character, we focus on the highest vineyards, sheltered between rugged hillsides and sandstone crags. From its traditionally cultivated old vines, we can contemplate a beautiful view of the Ebro valley and the whole of the Rioja Alta area.



Most of our vineyard sites, formed 22 million years ago, are located in soils composed of sand, chalky sandstone and ochre clays. They are ideal for obtaining lively and expressive aromas.

The soils are poor in organic matter, highly suitable for vineyards. They drain well and give the wines a subtle limestone mineral character.



Continental Mediterranean with a marked Atlantic influence.

The varied terrain and the many different orientations create very localised microclimates. Almost every plot has its own conditions.

In general, thanks to the protection of the Toloño mountain range, the vines are sheltered from the cold, wet winds from the north.



The banks of the Ebro in Haro and Briñas, and the valleys that rise from the mountains and run down to the river, have been cultivated since ancient times.

The very composition of the plots, small in size and irregular in shape, adapted to the terrain, indicates the survival of traditional cultivation.

Centuries ago, much of this land was pasture and cereal, with vines in the poorest and most difficult areas.

Our vineyards


Old vines of autochthonous varieties.

Our plots were planted at different times. The oldest are more than a century old and date from the first replantings after the phylloxera outbreak. Even the most recent ones are mature vines, more than 40 years old on average.

Three main native grape varieties coexist in the mountain valleys: the red varieties, Tempranillo (the majority) and Garnacha, and the white Viura. And in our river areas, we also have old Malvasia Riojana vines.

Love of the land

The Conde de los Andes vineyards are cultivated by local winegrowers with generations of experience. In addition to their perfect knowledge of the environment, they have extraordinary practical know-how.

This factor has made it possible to maintain and optimise traditional viticulture while preserving the virtues of the site: healthy soils, a highly diverse natural environment, old vines and a balanced landscape.

Cultural practices consist of gentle farming and treatments adapted to the cycle of each vintage, with the health of the vines and the environment as a maxim.

A job well done

The harvest is the culmination of all our knowledge of the land. That is why we harvest the grapes at the precise moment each specific site or plot requires.

The bunches are harvested by hand and transported in 15 kg boxes to the winery in Ollauri.