Conde de los Andes

The heart of Rioja

20 generations have explored the fascinating cellars built underneath the village of Ollauri.
Discover a unique place in the word.

Rioja as it was. Rioja as it is.

Thousands of ancient bottles and a wine symbolizing Rioja modernity.
Learn about the winery and its current wines.

The winery

The winery

A historic brand

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Bodegas Ollauri-Conde de los Andes is part of Ollauri’s ‘barrio de bodegas’, an area with underground family caves, three traditional buildings and a cluster of spectacular underground cellars. In 2014, this producer acquired the legacy bequeathed by Paternina and the historic Conde de los Andes brand, one of the grandest names in Rioja’s wine culture.

The winery

The heart of Rioja

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We are in the heart of Rioja Alta, a short distance away from Haro and Briones. Wine is deeply rooted in the history of our small village, as evidenced by its noble houses built in the 17th and 18th centuries. Churrumendi Hill, Ollauri’s highest point, offers stunning views of the River Ebro valley, between the Sierra de la Demanda peaks and the limestone walls of Sierra Cantabria and Toloño mountain ranges.

The winery

A new era

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Today, with the Murúa family at the helm, Bodegas Ollauri-Conde de los Andes brings back an age-old tradition. It was in 1894 when Federico Paternina built the modern cellar where his ancestors had been making and storing wine since the 15th century. After successive changes in ownership that have marked recent decades, Julián and Javier Murúa have begun a new era.

The winery

Historic vintages, old vineyards, present wines

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Bodegas Ollauri-Conde de los Andes combines respect for its heritage, a commitment to look after its old vintage collection with hundreds of thousands of bottles and modernity, exemplified with the current range of wines. Born from small old vine plots planted in high ground, these wines represent a new concept in Rioja Alta within the renewed Conde de los Andes brand.

The "Calados"

The "Calados"

Impressive underground cellars

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Excavated over several centuries, the Conde de los Andes caves are Rioja’s most impressive underground cellar system in terms of age, architecture and dimensions, extending over one kilometre in length.

The "Calados"

Historical jewel

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The famous caves, “calados” or “calaos” as locals call them, are a splendid jewel of great heritage value. They are also a remarkable combination of beauty and practical sense —these cellars are still used to store bottle collections from legendary vintages: 1892, 1918, 1948, 1964…

The "Calados"

Ancestral wine culture

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Corridors full of history, galleries that blend in with the darkness, jaw-dropping vaults and little nooks with special magnetism. Cellars imbued with the ancient culture of wine and the imprint of an ancient skill.

The "Calados"

Over five centuries

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The calados of Ollauri, whose construction began in the late Middle Ages, boast large masonry foundations and architectural details in the Moorish style. The excavation of the famous square calados was started by Galician quarrymen in the 17th century. Their work stands nowadays as a model of preservation.

The "Calados"

An exciting visit

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Today the Conde de los Andes calados display once again their exciting and hidden charm. An exclusive tour programme provides the opportunity to visit this singular place and enjoy a special experience encompassing culture, history and wine.



A representative range to rejoice in the present but keeping an eye on history. Red, white and semisweet. Freshness and complexity. The personality of Rioja Alta. Along with this renewed approach to our origins, Bodegas Ollauri-Conde de los Andes commits to the preservation of hundreds of thousands of bottles of vintage wines, dating back to 1892.

Conde de los andes blanco

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An accurate grape selection in the vineyard and a delicate maturation in French oak barrels allows us to bring the elegance of the white Viura variety at its best. The result is a wine of great balance, presence and distinction, noted for its deep gastronomic dimension.

Selected viura vineyard with an average age of 30 years old.
Fermented for 3 months with its lees in french oak barrels.
Matured for 6 months in the same barrels.

Conde de los andes tinto 2013

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Our own version of the fresh, fruity and suggestively complex personality of old Tempranillo vines, selected in small plots. A renewed classicism with which we recover the historical brand Conde de los Andes, from the respect of the cultural and wine heritage of the region.

Selection of small plots of tempranillo vines, aged more than 40 years old.
Matured in french oak barrels and afterwards in the bottle.

In addition to the current vintage, the winery can offer old vintages on demand.

Conde de los andes blanco semidulce 2003

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Semisweet wines are one of the most recognized jewels of the winery. In the ancient caves of Conde de los Andes, we keep historical vintages, of which now sell the 2003, of ideal climatic conditions for a unique balance of sweetness and freshness. A charming subtlety.

Visits and wine tourism

Visits and wine tourism

Rioja as it used to be vs Rioja as it is nowadays: a tour spanning 500 years of wine culture.

Spectacular, revealing, profound and as exceptional as the Conde de los Andes’ cellars themselves.

An unforgettable experience

Exploring the ancient “calados” is a unique opportunity to find out more about our history using wine as an exciting sensorial connection with the past.

Choose your own experience:

Conde de los Andes

  • Tour of the winery
  • Wine tasting within the underground cellars
  • Tasting of two additional wines at the Vinoteca

Approximate length of the visit: 2 hours.


Tailored tours and tastings, catering services, private events, corporate activities... We are happy to discuss your specific requirements.

In all cases, previous appointment is required.

Further information at:

In all cases appointment is required.

+34 941 338 380
C/ Sol de la Cabra s/n Ollauri - La Rioja

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