Wine tourism

Wine tourism

Discover the traces of ancestral wine culture. Delve into the history of Rioja, touring the cellars built from the 15th to the 18th century.

  • Wine tourism
Wine tourism

More than just a visit to a winery, the traces of ancestral wine culture.

Ernest Hemingway, accompanied by the bullfighter Antonio Ordóñez, on his penultimate trip to to Spain in 1956.

Wine tourism

Today, the cellars of Conde de los Andes are once again showing their exciting and hidden charm. An exclusive programme of experiences offers the opportunity to access a unique place and experience a very special cultural, historical and winemaking encounter.

Take a stroll through galleries that are lost in darkness, breathtaking vaults and corners with a special magnetism.

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Tour around the winery.
Discover our production and enjoy a tasting paired with 2 of our current wines, and a wine from our historical collection in the cellars.

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Not recommended for people with reduced mobility.